Zhen He

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science and Computer Engineering
La Trobe University
Bundoora, Victoria 3086

Tel : + 61 3 9479 3036
Email: z.he@latrobe.edu.au

Building: Beth Gleeson, Room: 235




Research Grants

PhD thesis


Spark related topics


My research interests are in deep learning. I am leading a deep learning research group at La Trobe university. There are currently 8 students in the group working on a number of different projects. We are focused on working three different data types: video, images and text. For video we are working with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) on action recognition in a number of different sports. For images we are working on various projects that use deep learning to phenotype plants. This will help farmers to use their land more productively. This is in collaboration with the department of Agribio at La Trobe and Center of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology at the ANU. For text we are working with Telstra to develop deep learning solutions that help customer service agents answer customer inquires more efficiently.

We also have a project working on distributed deep learning on Apache Spark. The code is completely written in Scala and provides a user friendly way of running distributed deep learning on Apache Spark. It features many common deep learning algorithms such as 2D and 3D convolutional neural networks, auto encoders, fully connected layers, sparse coding, optimization algorithms like adagrad, momentum, etc. We are researching on various ways of minimizing communication costs during the training of distributed models.

List of Research Interests

  • Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Text mining
  • Big Data using Apache Spark

Getting Started with Deep Learning Workshop

We will be running a deep learrning workshop on the 23rd of Feburary 2018. The workshop starts from the basics assuming no prior knowledge. It then moves to cover the state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms for computer vision and natural language processing. It also includes extensive labs in Tensorflow and Sonnet. Please click the following link to get more information including registration information. Getting started with Deep Learning Workshop Information


I am currently teaching a subject called Big Data Management on the Cloud CSE3/5BDC. This subjects goes into substantial depth into the Hadoop Ecosystem. It both teaches students how to program in the Hadoop Ecosystem and expose students to the system architectures underneath. It also covers a lot of the most popular services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Students gain hands on experience programming Hadoop and Amazon Web Services.

The details of the Big Data Managment on the cloud subject can be found here: CSE3/4BDC

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