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Prof. Phoebe Chen


      Professor Phoebe Chen Teaching, PhD, Research Supervision and Research Team

Teaching Unit

Teachings and Coordinators
  • Subject Coordinator & Lecturer for CSE5BIO Bioinformatics Technologies

  • Subject Coordinator & Lecturer for CSE5DMI Data Mining

Research Fellow/Postgraduate Research Students
From left: Phoebe & Tingting 2016, Yuan, Phoebe & Subha 2013, Phoebe & Jinglan 2003
  • Awarded/Completed PhD Students:

    • Dr. R Rajasekaran (Ph.D) (Awarded PhD on Jul 2018 in La Trobe University), Thesis title: Computational Simulation and Molecular Design of Novel Anti-Leishmanial Drug.

    • Dr. P Lalbakhsh (Ph.D)  (Awarded PhD on Nov 2017 in La Trobe University), Thesis title: Ant Colony Optimisation Metaheuristic for Data Analysis and Decision Support Strategies.

    • Dr. HF Yang (Ph.D) (Awarded PhD on Sep 2017 in La Trobe University), Thesis title: Machine Learning Strategies for Data Analysis and Applications in Forecasting and Diagnosis Studies.

    • Dr. SG Yang (Ph.D) (Awarded PhD on Sep 2017 in La Trobe University), Thesis title: Workload-based ordering of multi-dimensional data and its application in large trajectory data indexing and storage.

    • Dr. K Koufariotis (Awarded PhD on May 2017 in La Trobe University), Thesis title: Using functional information to improve accuracy of genomic predictions from full sequence data. Now works as Research Fellow in UQ, Brisbane, Australia.

    • Dr. T Wang (Awarded PhD on Dec 2016 in La Trobe University), Thesis title: Computationally Efficient Genomic Prediction From Whole Genome Sequence Data In Dairy Cattle. Now works as Research Fellow in DPI, Melbourne Australia.

    • Dr. S.Begley (Awarded PhD on Dec, 2016 in La Trobe University), Thesis title: PaMeCo and Bloomfield - Memory-constrained join and filter algorithms for main-memory database systems. Now works as Research Officer in Telstra, Melbourne Australia.

    • Dr. JKH Chiu (Awarded Ph.D. on May 2016 in La Trobe University), Thesis title: Structure-function relationship mining of RNA. Now works as Research Fellow in National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore.

    • Dr. H Lee (Awarded Ph.D. on May 2015 in La Trobe University), Thesis title: Medical Image Processing and Visual Feature Analysis for Cancer and Cell-Based Detection.

    • Dr. S Kalyaanamoorthy (Awarded Ph.D. on 17 Oct 2013 in La Trobe University), Thesis title: Structure and ligand-based investigation of histone deacetylases towards cancer drug discovery. Now works as Research Fellow in CSIRO, Australia.

    • Dr. Y Yuan (Awarded Ph.D. on 17 Oct 2013 in La Trobe University), Thesis title: Comparative study of gene expression patterns in primate brains and two genetically close populations in East Asia. Now works as Assistant Professor in China.

    • Dr. W Zhu (Awarded Ph.D. on 17 Oct 2013 in La Trobe University), Thesis title: Knowledge Discovery from Protein-Protein Interaction Networks. Now works as Assistant Professor in China.

    • Dr. F Chen (Awarded Ph.D. on 20 May 2011 in La Trobe University), Thesis title: Identifying the Relationships within Groups of ncRNAs, miRNAs and Oncogenes in Biological Context. Now works as Research Fellow in NICTA , Australia.

    • Dr. S Mann (Awarded Ph.D. on 7 May 2010 in Deakin), Thesis title: Extensible Motif and Aberrant Nucleotide Extraction in Genomic Sequence.

    • Dr. K Knapp (Awarded Ph.D. on 20 April 2009 in Deakin), Thesis title: Statistical Properties and Taxonomies of Human Untranslated Exons. Keith works as an Assistant Professor at the Math and Computer Science Department, Whitworth University, USA from the Fall 2009.

    • Dr. D Tjondronegoro (Awarded Ph.D on 7 Oct 2005 in Deakin) Thesis title: Content-based Video Indexing for Sports Applications using Integrated Multi-Modal Approach. Now works as Professor at Southern Cross University.

    • Dr. J Zhang (Awarded Ph.D on 10 April 2003 in QUT) Thesis title: Fuzzy Shape Representation, Construction and Retrieval to Support Creative Shape Design. Now works as a Senior Lecturer at School of Information Technology, Queensland University of Technology.

    • Dr. J Nahar (Awarded PhD in CQU in 2012), Thesis title: Classification of Gene Expression Data Using Statistical and Tree Based Learning Algorithms. Now works as a Lecturer in Central Queensland University, Australia.

    • Dr. S-T Wu (Awarded Ph.D on 19 Feb 2008 in QUT, external supervisor), Thesis title: Knowledge Discovery using Pattern Taxonomy Model in Text Mining. Now works as an assistant professor in Asia University in Taichung Taiwan.

    • Dr. C-Y Ma (Awarded PhD 2016 in National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, external supervisor)

    • Dr. C-C Lee (Awarded PhD 2013 in National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, external supervisor)

    • Dr. J Da (Awarded PhD 2009 in Fudan University, China, external supervisor)

    • Dr. A Garcia (Awarded Ph.D 2007, UQ, external supervisor) Developing Ontologies in the Biological Domain. Now works as a Research Officer at University of Bremen. Germany.

  • Master by Research students

    • Dr. J Nahar (Awarded Master by Research on April 2008 in Deakin University)

    • Dr. L Soon (Awarded Master by Research 2002 QUT), Thesis title: Generating Business Intelligence in Export Trading by Managing Knowledge of Electronic Commerce Activities. (Awarded PhD Griffith Uni on Nov 2007). Now works as a lecturer at CQU.

  • Completed Honours Students

    • R Rehouma, Classification of Alzheimer’s Disease using Deep Learning approach (La Trobe Honour 2017)

    • H. Hadi, Using Sentiment Technique to Visualize and Analysis unstructured text data in Social Media (La Trobe Honour 2017)

    • D. Mikhaeel, Twitter Data Text Classification and Sentiment Analysis (La Trobe Honour 2017)

      K. M. Marshall, Forensic Application of Barcodes (La Trobe Honour 2016)

    • D. R. C. Bathie, Analysing Effectiveness of Image Enhancement Techniques for Computer Aided Facial Recognition (La Trobe Honour 2016)

    • W. Sun, An Extension of Multiple Sequence Viterbi Algorithm on Spark (La Trobe Honour 2015)

    • A. R. B. Jenkins, Efficient Tessellation for Games (La Trobe Honour 2011)

    • A J. Brock, Improving the Performance of Weather Simulations using Graphical Processing Units (La Trobe Honour 2011)

    • C. A. Long, Accelerating 3D Model Construction Using Shape from Silhouette Outlines (La Trobe Honour 2011)

    • B.S. Moore, Stereoscopic 3D and Head Tracking in a Virtual Environment (La Trobe Honour, 2011)

    • J.E. Hall, Adaptive AI Techniques and their use in Game Programming (La Trobe Honour, 2011)

    • H.T. Nguyen, Improvement on Existing Non‐blocking Join Algorithms for Online Aggregation and a Data Structure (La Trobe Honour, 2011)

    • S Begley, MCJoin: A memory-constrained join for column-store databases (La Trobe Honour, 2010)

    • S Schmidt (Hons) Thesis title: Medical Knowledge Discovery from a Regional Asthma Dataset (Deakin First Class, 2008)

    • J Rong (Hons) Thesis title: Machine Learning Methods for Speech Emotion Recognition (Deakin First Class, 2007)

    • K Knapp (Hons) Thesis title: Develop and improve techniques for Gene Network (First Class Honour, Deakin, 2004).

    • X Zhou (Honours in IT), Thesis title: Building the Intelligent Pipelines Agent in Molecular Biology (QUT, 2003)

    • M Ind (First Class Honours in IT), Thesis title: GIS and Multimedia Databases. (QUT, 2003)

    • F S Lee (Honours in IT), Thesis title: Finding and Comparing Communities on the Biological Web. (QUT, 2003)

    • D Tjondronegoro (First Class Honours in IT), Project: Video Databases (QUT, 2001~2002, Dean's List 2002)

    • S K Lim (First Class Honours in IT), Project: XML-based Multimedia Technologies for E-Commerce (QUT, 2000~2001, Dean's List 2001)

    • M Mazzei (Honours), Project: User Human Computer Interface in Multimedia. (QUT, 2001)

    • N Trivedi (Honours in IT), project: Application of XML for Multipurpose of Web Site. (QUT, 2000)

  • Past/Completed Masters Students

    • PPS Mazara (Master of Information Technology Professional) doing a research project on Bioinformatics Research Issue on Intro Position for Human Genome (Deakin 2005).

    • K Arora (Master of Information Technology Professional) doing a research project on Multimedia Meta-Model for Video Retrieval (Deakin 2005). Sjur Einarsen and Lars Kvensjo (Masters of IT) Project: Matrix Usability Engineering (QUT 2002)

    • Y Pamnani (Masters of IT) Industry Project: ANKC Software (QUT-Canine Control Council Qld state, 2002)

    • P Gunther (Masters of IT) Thesis title: The Use of Fuzzy Logic in Data Mining on Web Databases (QUT, 2000)

    • A Liang (Masters of IT),  project: Spatio-Temporal Database for Multimedia and GIS Application (QUT, 2001)

    • P Simon and Bobby Singh (Masters of IT) Industry project: Web Development for industry. (QUT-UniAdvantage, 2000, Summer)

    • S Hutchison (Masters of IT) Industry project:  Media online Information. (QUT-Media, 2000, Summer)

    • S Hutchison and Murtuza Ali (Masters of IT) Industry project on E-Commerce Web Site. (QUT-EmuDesign, 2000)

    • LH. Wagtaskijold and JE Saehle (Masters of IT) Project on Web Database Management (QUT, 1999)

  • Research Fellows:

    • Dr. Q Chen (from 2004 - 2012)

    • Dr. J An (from 2003 - 2007)

Past Co-Op Ed. Supervision and Visiting Students
  • FS Lee (Bachelor in Information Technology) with ITS (QUT, 2001)

  • S Jeong (Bachelor in Information Technology) with ITS (QUT, 2001)

  • SE Brunnabend (FH Braunschweig/Wolfenb Germany and QUT, 2003)

Awarded Teaching and Learning Grants
  • Title:  The development of multimedia-based interactive tutorials enhancing students understanding through E-learning for Multimedia Systems course in Information Technology.
    Members: Project Coordinator - Dr. Phoebe Chen (QUT)
    Grant: 2001 QUT Teaching and Learning Small Grants $7,961


(C) Professor Phoebe Chen 

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