Research Interests

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Question Answering Systems
  • Automated Reasoning
  • Semantic Web



Research Projects


Introducing Conditional Proof into Logic Programming

This project investigates the possibility of introducing conditional proof which is an important proof technique of deductive logic into logic programming. It analyses the necessity and feasibility, and formulises the procedure. Incorporating conditional proof into SLD-resolution (or GOPT-resolution) increases the power of the derivation. Hence problems which cannot be solved by SLD-resolution (or GOPT-resolution) can, now, be solved by the variation of SLD-resolution (or GOPT-resolution).


Approximate Reasoning in PT-Resolution

This project studies the feasibility of integrating approximate reasoning into PT-resolution. PT-resolution is a deduction method based on partial intersection and truncation. The integration enables the deduction to handle quantitative data in an approximate manner.


Object Oriented Web Information Specification

With the fast expansion of the World Wide Web and rapid advances in Information Technology, there is a great demand for an intelligent search engine -- the search engine not only can conduct pattern marching, but also can deduce (ie. to derive information from existing information). This requires an effective mechanism in information representation, retrieval and derivation. In this project, we investigate the feasibility of extending an object oriented language for web information representation and derivation. The extension can be made on an existing language. The significance of the research is that it enables us to build a powerful tool for web information representation and derivation based on the existing infrastructure.      



Recent Publications




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